If you purchase a proper Volvo XC40 package, you'll get great exterior features. You can learn what packages are available for the XC40 by visiting a local dealership.

There are two features that give consumers a reason to upgrade. One of the features is a headlight with high pressure cleaning abilities. This technology increases safety because it eliminates grime that affects how efficiently and brightly the headlight shines. Heated windshield wiper blades are also package features. These blades boost safety during rainstorms by eliminating environmental flaws that decrease visibility during a rainstorm.

The Volvo XC40 also has package options that are only available for specific trims. For example, if you want a roof with white contrast, you'll need to buy the T4 Momentum. All of the trims and packages are available at Howard Orloff Volvo Cars. If you want to test drive a Volvo XC40, we can arrange a convenient session in Chicago.



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