How to Keep from Being Distracted While Driving

It is important that you avoid driving while distracted. The team at Howard Orloff Volvo Cars wants you to stay safe and we hope that you will use the following tips to avoid being distracted while driving.

Think about the importance of the driving that you are doing to avoid being distracted while you are doing that driving. Know that the safety of those in your vehicle and those around you is in your hands and you must do what you can to focus on the road and keep bad things from happening.

Secure your pets before you start to drive so that they do not become a distraction. It can be difficult to drive well when you have a pet in your lap or sitting right beside you. A hyper pet can move your gaze off of the road and cause you to become a hazard. Secure your pets in a place where they will be comfortable before you put the car into motion.



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