Flexibility With Tires

There is nothing wrong with driving on winter tires throughout the year. Keep in mind that most winter tires are studded. This is what allows you to better drive in the snow and ice. The rubber of the tire is softer than that of an all-season tire. You'll also notice that the tread on winter tires is deeper.

When warmer weather arrives, you don't need the thicker tread. You might see that there is more wear and tear on your tires in the summer months if you keep winter tires on your car. However, if the city you live in doesn't get very warm in the summer, then you might not notice a drastic decrease in the amount of tread.

Your winter tires won't give you the same performance that other tires would in the summer. Winter tires are designed so that they grip the road in the snow. We can quickly change your tires to those that are flexible for the summer months.



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