Performance Sets the Volvo V90 Series Apart

The Volvo V90 series has come to be respected in the luxury wagon segment. It has succeeded in establishing an excellent blend of stylish, comfort and convenience features combined with performance expected in a high quality car. The V90 utilizes a 4 cylinder 2.0L engine for fuel economy, but for times when extra power is needed, a turbocharger is included for passing and climbing hills.

With an optional supercharger package, the V90 engine can supply 318 hp. All drivers can experience a twinge of fear when starting off on an incline. The fear that the vehicle will roll when moving your foot from the brake to the gas can make the hear skip a beat. Volvo solved this with its Hill Start Assist. This innovative feature automatically keeps the brakes engaged for the short period when applying the accelerator. We at Howard Orloff Volvo Cars are proud to offer the V90 series to those who expect the best in a luxury SUV.



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