Transmission Service Performed at Howard Orloff Volvo Cars

The transmission is a set of gears that are inside of a housing that is bolted to your engine's motor. It's important to service your transmission when it needs to be serviced. every vehicle has different recommendations on when to service the transmission, so talk to one of our service advisors at Howard Orloff Volvo Cars to get familiar with your specific vehicle.

What is a Transmission Service?

A transmission service consists of draining the old transmission fluid and putting new fluid inside; most transmissions also have a filter that needs to be replaced as well. It's especially important that you use the fluid and filter recommended by the manufacturer and when servicing the transmission in your car.

Bring It to Howard Orloff Volvo Cars for a Transmission Service

Our highly trained technicians in Chicago, IL know exactly what to do when it comes to servicing your transmission. Bring it to us and you'll drive home happy.

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