Howard Orloff Volvo Cars has always had the ability to see when something special arrives to Chicago, and the new V90 is something special. Here is an unassuming but exceptional luxury wagon from Volvo that has become the talk of the auto industry. This is partly because it is exceptionally designed, but it also has a lot of great performance features.

All-Wheel Drive

You know that when it comes to performance, Volvo has been a stand out automaker, and it really can be seen on this V90 model. This is a wagon with off-road capabilities you'd expect. This all-wheel drive feature also makes city driving more precise by improving handling.


The stop and start feature is in the engine, and it stops it from burning fuel when your new wagon is at a red light. Well, the engine stops whenever your car is idling, and it does this to prevent you from burning fuel needlessly. You get to save gas, and you also get to feel a little better knowing that you'll be burning less fossil fuel every time you drive.

These are just some of the features we think make the V90 worthy of a test drive, and we cannot wait to see you here.



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