Here at Howard Orloff Volvo Cars in Chicago, IL, we have a lot of respect for the Volvo V90 because of the high level of elegance it shows off. The vehicle has a classy body that stands out for its curves on the body. The Volvo V90 is also eye-catching because of the large taillights on the back of the car. They sit vertically on the liftgate and extend to the roof of the vehicle, making them easy to spot at a distance.

The Volvo V90 is also beautiful with its exterior because it has an oversized chrome grille, making it look luxurious and high-end. The car also features slim headlights that are slightly futuristic but still add a classy touch to the front of the wagon. Drivers can also enjoy the long hood and the chrome accents on the window, which causes the car to have more value and look upscale.

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