Even with all the advantages of a new Volvo, we're adding a few more: Special savings

If you're a Volvo owner, you're aware of the many benefits of a new Volvo at Howard Orloff Volvo Cars in Chicago. For example, there's contemporary Volvo styling, renowned Volvo safety and the comfort of a Volvo interior. As if all that weren't enough, we're offering additional reasons to consider a new Volvo: financial incentives that make a new Volvo even more inviting. But these offers won't last forever, so a good time to act would be right now.

Our Best Specials

We're sorry, we do not currently have any specials published. Please check back soon or contact us for more information.

Financing made even easier

One of the most popular kinds of offers we make on this page is low interest financing on select new Volvo models, available for qualified buyers, along with substantial bonus offers. These specials can help keep your monthly payments at a nice, low level while making it easier for you to move into a brand-new Volvo. So you can get all the Volvo luxury, all the Volvo performance and all the Volvo technology, on a more affordable basis.

Conquest Cash: Special offers to help non-Volvo owners become new Volvo owners

Are you driving something other than a Volvo? We'd like to make it easier to take the rewarding journey over to the Volvo side of life with a "Conquest cash" offer. A "conquest" offer is made to owners of non-Volvo vehicles who are, understandably enough, less than thrilled with their current vehicles. If you live in Lincolnwood or Lincoln Park, IL and you're open to switching to Volvo, we'll make it worth your while.

We have other ways to make new Volvo models even more attractive than they already are

We often provide offers on select new Volvo models for buyers who are part of special organizations. A good example would be exclusive offers for buyers with memberships at discount stores like Costco. In addition, we offer price breaks for everyone in nearby communities like Bucktown, IL on select new Volvo models, and they often come with very appealing financing opportunities.

We're always working to make financing a new Volvo as simple as possible

The experts in our Finance Center at Howard Orloff Volvo Cars are some of the most valuable resources we can offer to Volvo buyers in Chicago. Our financing specialists have the ability to explain all your financing choices in simple, easy-to-understand terms, and help you get new vehicle financing with the best loan or lease terms available. Fill out our simple financing application to get pre-approved in advance.

Volvo makes cars beautiful: We make them affordable

At Howard Orloff Volvo in Chicago, we can help pave the way for you to drive away with the new Volvo you've become the most fond of. For example, you might feel like it's time for to get our largest Volvo, the 2022 Volvo XC90. This model comes with three rows of seating for up to 7 people, with an optional 6 person configuration. Inside its beautiful interior you can find available luxury options like leather upholstery and massaging front seats.

We can also make it easier to acquire the advanced technology of a new Volvo XC60 or the luxury of a new Volvo XC40 subcompact SUV. Browse our entire new Volvo inventory to find the model at Howard Orloff Volvo that appeals most to you and your family. In addition, we invite you to check this page regularly for new Volvo offers that are simply too good to pass up.