You'll be amazed the second you set your eyes on the new Volvo S60 for sale at Howard Orloff's Volvo Cars dealership in Chicago, IL. The 2014 Volvo S60 has a brand-new front end. When you peek inside, you'll notice right away that there is a new instrument cluster and trim treatments. If the base model isn't quite enough for you, there are some impressive option packages to choose from as well. The 2014 option packages also received some upgrades, including a new Sport Package and a Blind Spot Information System Package, and an enhanced Tire Pressure Monitoring System. If you live near Lincoln Park, New East Side, Lake Shore East, or Near North - or another of the Chicago suburbs and you're interested in a new Volvo S60 contact us right away.


The 2014 S60 is a great car if you're looking to stand out in Chi Town burbs. These sedans have an impeccable European look, and feel to them. If you you're interested in a Volvo with all-wheel drive to get you through the winter weather, this is the car to have. Driving in all-wheel drive gives you great control and stability on any driving surface. Among the all-wheel drive option, there are three strong and efficient engines to choose from. You can top out on the list with a 325 horsepower engine. Power, and luxury combined is satisfying


Volvo has always been about safety. Their safety technology is one of the best for driving around in the city. The best part is that the following features come standard on every model of the 2014 Volvo S60. To avoid low-speed collisions in stop-and-go Lincoln Park traffic (which we're all too familiar with) Volvo has included "City Safety". Another safety feature is the Collision Warning with Full Auto Brake. This senses an approaching collision and the warning system will alert the driver to help avoid or reduce the severity of a crash. We've all had to slow down and watch closely for pedestrians walking around downtown and Lake Shore East. Even the Pedestrian Detection with Full Auto Brake comes standard on the S60. This feature automatically stops the car if a pedestrian walks out into the vehicle's path. Smart.


Our dealer staff is ready to help you get into the luxury car of your dreams. When you're ready to come test-drive a new Volvo, give us a call. You can find us downtown Chicago just off of the Kennedy Expressway at Armitage Avenue. It's extremely rewarding giving you a car to enjoy and to know you have received exceptional service at our dealership.

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